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Allow me to introduce myself...

Greetings, world! My name is Victoria Messina, but you can call me Vic. I'm a 22-year-old graduate of the (almost always) sunny University of Florida with a B.S. in journalism, and I'm wholeheartedly obsessed with the power of the written word.


I enjoy telling stories about interesting people, cool places and new experiences. Whether I'm writing a story about same-sex marriage laws in Florida or documenting my love for quirky hair scrunchies, I put my whole heart and soul into my work.


When I'm not interviewing interesting people for a story or offering fashion advice to friends, you can find me surfing the Web to stay in the know about the latest news, cruising around on my skateboard or enjoying a heaping serving of guacamole.


In my free time, I enjoy reading women's magazines, fantasizing about living in a big city and fueling my addiction to Vans shoes. No matter where I go, I'm always sure to bring my positive attitude, sense of humor and driven work ethic. I kind of have a thing for meeting deadlines despite my busy schedule. Seriously... I once missed a train and paid for WiFi in the middle of a train station in Peñiscola, Spain just so I didn't miss a deadline.


During my college career, I gained a myriad of writing and editing experience — both for web and print publications — to prepare me for a job in the journalism industry. Feel free to read some of my work on my portfolio page. Thanks for visiting my website!

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